In 2023, one of the world’s largest collectable companies announced it was sending $30million worth of their products directly to landfill.

Its reasoning was that its warehouses were overflowing with unsold goods and it was cheaper to reproduce the toys if demand increased than store seasonal items. Plastic is one of the most persistent pollutants on earth, clogging our landfills and oceans and accelerating climate change. So overproducing collectables isn’t just bad for the bottom line.

Predicting demand is tricky, especially in the game industry. Secondary characters become cult favorites, heroes fall flat, and publishers are left guessing, creating excess waste, or playing catch-up. Not to mention the hours players spend creating, customizing, and building avatars of their own without ever getting to see them materialize in the real world.

IGC removes the guesswork around demand and also lets players bring their own creations to life.

Our SOlution

For a solution to be adopted, it needs to cause minimal interruption to the user journey. That is where our team of magicians come in.

Using our proprietary software, we integrate our platform right into the game. Players can purchase their custom collectable with the click of a button, never breaking their in-game flow.

From there, our integrated software takes hundreds of images, creating a model so accurate, it is dare we say, just like magic.

The collectable is sent directly to the Gamer. No third party interference. And our made to order system prevents excess waste. No need to predict demand, we meet it when it happens.

about us

our team

Craig Herbison

Chief Wizard

Craig is an accomplished and experienced business executive, having traversed the realms of corporate enterprises and dynamic technology startups. Most recently, he held the esteemed position of CEO in a prestigious company publicly listed on the ASX/NZX. With an unwavering zeal for ideas and an innate understanding of the transformative power of business, Craig excels in the art of transforming exceptional ideas into remarkable enterprises.

Mercenary Figurine


Not long ago, Craig found himself engrossed in the thrilling world of Doom, when suddenly, an irresistible desire to own a tangible representation of the iconic Doom Slayer emerged within him. A fascinating notion took hold: “How incredible would it be if I could acquire it seamlessly within the very game itself?” And thus, in a flash of inspiration, In Game Collectables was born.

Yet, true mastery of magic takes practice. After tirelessly toiling with technology, the Dedi360 finally brought his vision to life.

Mirroring its namesake, Dedi stands as an unrivaled pioneer. Inspired by the legendary ancient Egyptian magician bearing the same name, our groundbreaking Dedi360 emerges as the world’s premier in-game system, seamlessly enabling gamers to produce tangible collectibles of the personalized characters with a mere click, effortlessly preserving their immersive engagement.

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